Quickly connect to help for small tasks or to solve problems.

task training

Record a human operator teaching the dexapod.


Leverage your key employees activity – reduce down time.


Paid upfront or in a monthly subscription plan.

Dexapod - the dexterous hexapod robot

Meet Dexapod

Dexapod was created to be a versatile and cost-effective robot for tabletop tasks. A completed system, implemented, can cost 10x less than competitors.

The hexapod design offers six degrees of freedom, similar to a human wrist: this allows for easy and intuitive movement and control by a human user.

No programming is required to st art automating home and industrial tasks - Human control of Dexapod can be recorded and replayed wihtout writing a single line of code, bypassing the time and skill needed to program most robots. Dexapod can replicate human movement and forces to safely perform new tasks outside the ability of traditional robotic machines.

The tele-operation feature lets humans perform tasks remotely for efficiency, safety, reduced travel, and convenience. Dexapod can connect skilled operators with tasks, lowering labor costs and providing a safer environment. Operators can also control multiple robots - the best person for the job can perform the job, even from hundreds of miles away.

Dexapod is unique in its ability to be easily and intuitively controlled by a human user - from the same room or over hundreds of miles. Its dexterous design and low price point make Dexapod a viable solution for many industries, from agriculture and manufacturing to healthcare and home services.

Identical hardware is used on both ends during operations, creating better force-feedback and stability, as well as increasing ease of use.
Every action by a human operator is seamlessly replicated by the remote Dexapod – every force felt by the remote Dexapod is also felt by the
human operator. This creates a smooth and intuitive connection between the operator and the remote Dexapod. Combined with six degrees of freedom and a desktop sized work space, countless tasks can be performed